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Ghady District



design a subdivision with the area of I IO acres. This included urban design of the neighborhood and architectural design of individual residential and commercial buildings. I put together a team of 25 architects,urban planners,traffic engineers,structural engineers and interns to work with me on this project. The subdivision needed to be planned to include a 5,382,000 sqft. of 4300 residential units, 3450,000 sqft. of educational buildings, 27,000 sqft. of cultural and religious buildings,97,000 sqft. medical buildings, 28.5 acres of green space and 5,380,000 sqft. commercial buildings. This project needed to be completed in 60 month. Basics and Principles of Design: 

I. Relationship of the subdivision to its surrounding neighborhoods.

2.    Street Hierarchy.

3.    Equal distribution of the services along the neighborhoods.

4.    Design of safe sidewalks and pedestrian walkways throughout the site.

5.    Design of the residential buildings based on user's culture and needs.

6.    Applicability of building phases in a timely manner.

7.    Modular design of residential building that allows for flexibility.

8.    Density distribution based on a spatial organization.

9.    Emphasis on the idea of "eyes on the street" by designing mixed used neighborhood.

I 0. Designing affordable activities for all ages and class of people .

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