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project managing

We believe the best architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise and inform the character of a building: the structure that holds it up; our managing service, which help our client to hire right person to allow it to function; its ecology; the quality of natural light; the symbolism of the form; the relationship of the building to the skyline or the streetscape; the way you move through or around it; and last but not least its ability to lift the spirits. By working together creatively from the start of a project, architects and engineers who will be hire for each project combine their knowledge to devise integrated, sustainable design solutions.


By designing a building from the inside-out as much as from outside-in, we inculcate a sense of continuity and connection to the wider world. The starting point for any design solution is to gain an understanding of people's needs and the way in which a space will be used. The goal is the creation of interiors that both functional and elegant, while evoking a sense of place and complementing a building's outward expression.

urban design

The design of the public realm is arguably more significant than collective merits of the individual buildings. The Urban Design Team consists of specialists from a range of background - including landscape architecture, anthropology, economic development, sociology, urban analysis and computation, By gaining a detailed understanding of context, the team helps to develop projects that are tailored to specific socio-economic, climatic and spatial circumstances. 

visualization & rendering

The Visualization and Rendering Team produces architectural animations, visualizations, motion graphics and film for the practice for use at concept design phases, construction, marketing and final presentations.

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