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EN Bank had purchased a naked building that included walls, ceiling, floors, bathroom and a small kitchen, but no interior walls. I was hired to design and build a new facade in addition to the interior of 13 floors ( 161,458 sqft.) for EN bank in 160 days. 
The main challenge in creating a facade for EN Bank was the non-operable windows which led to no access to fresh air. It was also close to impossible for the windows to be cleaned from outside. 
It was difficult to design the new facade to match the existing structure, but I overcame by designing the details in more innovative way. I got inspired by traditional Iranian straw curtains that would allow light and fresh air in and decided to use the same idea in creating modern aluminum curtainwall. 

By using this idea, I was able to change the windows to operable windows to allow fresh air in the building, create beautiful natural light effect and build narrow but safe corridors between the aluminum facade and the glass windows to be used as platform for window washing. The project was done in 60 days. by 23 people who worked in differential areas such as design, production, construction and installation. We used more than. I 20,000 foot of aluminum tube. 
Regarding the interior of EN Bank, I used a modular system which in addition to having the bathrooms and kitchens already done in the building made it easier to be able to finish the project on time. 

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